How to Draw Lilies

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To draw lilies, find reference photographs to better understand its funnel or tube-like form, its teardrop petal shape and its texture. Render a lily, paying attention to the subtle colors and smooth texture, with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Laura Pace, I'm here at Asel Art Supply, today I'm going to give you a lesson on how to draw a lily. This is a calla lily. I found some good photographs of this type of lily in a magazine I had. That's something I'd encourage you to do when you're drawing, is, go through your books, magazines and newspapers, make a swipe file of images that you think you might be interested in drawing and file them away for later reference. When I looked at this flower I saw that its form from the side really looks like a long cone shaped funnel or tube. But when seen from above it's a teardrop with a spiral inside. So understanding the form helped me to draw the flower better. Here's a side view of the flower, where you can say it's got that long tube shape, and the edge is where it folds into the spiral are rounded. The outside edge of the petal wraps around the outside of the flower. And then this flower has a long kind of a tail that comes to a point and curves under. Here's the same flower when seen from above, it's got a kind of teardrop shape that spirals into a very deep well that goes down this tube and it has a stamen that sticks up out of the flower that's yellow and rounded at the top. Here's a picture of the leaf of this type of lily, which is very elliptical shape, it has longitudinal ribs that run the length of the leaf, the leaf is big and shiny and waxy looking. Now once you've drawn the flower, to add more detail and realism, you might want to come back and shade the underneath part of this, the part where it turns under. This part is actually a dark green shading to a pale green up here, and these outer petals look a little bit pink, where the inside of the flower looks really white. The bottom of the flower gradually shades to a yellow and then down to a green color as it goes down into the stem. On the overhead view of the flower, you'll have a much darker shaded area in this funnel shape that goes down on the inside, and the stamen is yellow. This end of the flower, again, shades down to a dark green. That's what I have to tell you today about how to draw a calla lily.


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