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To draw a rose, begin with a five-pointed star to represent the central axis of each petal, and render each bowl-shaped petal with rounded edges. Sketch out a wild rose, which is the easiest rose to draw, with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Laura Pace. I'm here at Asel Art Supply. And today, I'm going to show you how to draw a rose. Most roses have five petals. I drew a wild rose first, because that's the most simple kind of rose to draw. I started out by making a big oval shape in the center and then making a line, five-pointed star here to represent the axis of those five petals. Next, I drew in my petal shapes around the center. They're all going to be a bit the same. They have a rounded end on them. They have a center axis. They're kind of bowl-shaped. So they're kind of depressed right in the middle. And they all grow around this little circlet of pistols that have the pollen of the rose plant on them. To give my wild rose some realism, I also drew in the stem. And you can see the thorns sticking out of the stem. And I drew in a rose leaf. The rose leaves are very distinctive. They almost always have either three or five leaves that are opposite to each other. And the leaves also have a tooth border with little points on them. Sometimes new growth on rose bushes can be dark red or dark purple. Here's a picture of a rosebud. You can see it's kind of a modified cone shape that's tapered at the top and rounded at the bottom. And the rosebud has these little leaflets that are toothed that surround it. It also has this little bulbous calyx underneath it. And that is actually the fruit of the rose plant. If the rose dries up and this is allowed to grow, it becomes a fruit called a rose hip. Here's a picture of a more complex rose, which is a kind of hybrid rose that most people have growing in their gardens today. It has this basic five-pointed shape right in the center, but then it has many outer layers of petals that fold over and have kind of rounded and ruffley edges. You can see the overall shape of this is kind of like a globe. And you want to shade it that way, if the light is coming from this direction. The tops of the rose petals are going to be the lightest, brightest shapes, and they're going to cast a shadow on the underneath petals. And then this bowl shape is going to be kind of shaded. Don't forget this swelling shape here for the calyx, and the thorns on the rose stem, and the toothed rose leaves. So that's what I have to tell you today about how to draw a rose.


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