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Fluorescent paint markers are very brightly colored, sometimes known as day-glow markers, and they are often black light-reactive as well. Find high-quality fluorescent paint markers, most of which are oil-based, with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Tres Hoyt. I'm here at Asel Art Supply in Austin, Texas. And I'm going to talk to you about fluorescent paint markers. I've got five examples of them right here. And basically, a fluorescent paint marker is going to be marked as fluorescent. So they're going to be bright colors. Sometimes they're also known as day-glow, depending on the brand. But the first one I'll show you is a Sakura solid paint marker. And it is a solidified stick of paint, but it's a very vibrant yellow there, you can see. The second marker is a Deco color fabric marker. It's a green. It's a pretty vibrant color green there. We also have a Krylon brights. And this is an oil-based paint. Nice bright green color there. The fourth marker here is a Uni Posca marker. And this is a water-based paint marker. And they make these in a bunch of different colors. This is a pretty bright red here. And lastly is a Sharpie poster paint. This is also a water-based paint marker. And it comes here in a pretty bright orange. And most of these colors are going to look like they sort of glow in the dark and sometimes are black light-reactive. To find that out, you really have to test them. Some companies make their colors where they don't actually glow so much. But these are very vibrant colors. So to find fluorescent, pretty much all you have to do is just look on the marker, and the companies will tell you that it's a fluorescent or a day-glow color. And that's pretty much about fluorescent paint markers.


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