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Graffiti markers come in a variety of inks, paints and styles, including wide-tipped paint markers, mohair-tipped ink markers, large foam-tipped markers and many more. Discover the wide array of markers used for fine art graffiti with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tres Hoyt, and I'm here in Asel Art Supply in Austin, Texas. And I'm going to explain to you a little bit about Graffiti markers. We're not condoning vandalism, telling people to go out and commit acts of vandalism with Graffiti markers. But Graffiti has become a recognized style of art lately. So I'm going to try and inform some people about tolls that they can use to create Graffiti on their own. The first style of markers that I'm going to talk about are Dobber markers. And you can fill these with paint or ink. And they have a little soft mohair nib on them. And they come in different sizes. Some of them get pretty wide. And then this is a kiwi style mop. And it has a big foam nib on it. So you can get extra wide markers. One of the nice things about this style of markers, is if you're into drippy, messy hand styles. Or you're trying to cover large areas. These work really well. And they're completely refillable. Next I'm going to go on to ink based markers. Ands we've got Marsh 88 here. A pilot super color. This is a refillable marker. The ever popular Crank markers. These are really nice. And the Flow pens and a hardcore buff made by the OTR Company. What's nice about these is they come in different styles and nibs. The Marsh is is going to be a pointy bullet nib here. And the Pilots and the Cranks and the OTRs come with chisel tip nibs. So when you're using these, you can get really fine lines. You can get lines that are broad. Or if you're writing with a marker at an angle, you can get sort of a calligraphic style of hand. Next I'm going to move on to paint markers that are not necessarily like a Dobber. They come in different widths. This is a Montana Hardcore. And this is a Markwell. You can get an extremely wide line with a market like this. And this is another Markwell with a standard nib just like on the Flow pens. Right here, I have a Dalo industrial paint marker. Comes with a little valve on the end to pressurize it. And has a steel ball in a tip. So this can write on pretty much any substrate you're looking to use. Wood or cement, anything like that. Next I'm going to move on to a pretty classic Uni-Paint marker. This is just a standard paint marker with a bullet tip. And finally, I'm going to move on to the Sakura Solid and the Mean Streaks. And these are a solidified stick of paint. That's an oil base. They're pretty fun. These will write on pretty much any sort of substrate. And you can also use them under water. Which is kind of cool. Nice little effect. And that's pretty much it for Graffiti markers.


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