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Creating graffiti can be done with a variety of materials, but paint markers, custom sticker letters and stencils work really well, and spray paint caps offer a variety of line qualities. Learn about the different mediums used for graffiti with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Tres Hoyt I'm here at Asel Art Supply in Austin, Texas and I'm going to talk to you today about how to produce some graffiti. Now I'm not trying to condone vandalism, telling you to go out to paint walls and things like that I'm just trying to explain some of the artistic ways that graffiti is kind of moved into the art world. So some of you out there that are interested in it can kind of learn some of the basics. Some of the easiest ways to produce graffiti is using markers, nice little crank here. You can do hand styles and little small bubble letterings or different designs things like that. Works in black books, canvasses all kinds of those things. Next thing would be using stickers. You can get stickers from a bunch of different places or you can have stickers made. And they are really an easy way to produce some graffiti stylings and then a third way would be to use stencil works with spray paint or you know other types of paints. And with the spray paints, this is a plutonium jeets what we carry here at Asel Art supplies. This is a really nice paint, doesn't give you a headache. It actually smells sweet, once you are done with it. So if you are working with canvasses you can bring this inside when you are done and it's not going to stink up your whole house like paint fumes. They are universal with many different styles of caps, these are European style caps. This is an orange dot which produces an ultra fat circle. And this is a blue dot which is a soft cap which produces a soft spray which is probably best used with stenciling. Especially smaller stencils. These are the New York style caps. This is a rusto and this works on rustoleum cans pretty much or only. And this is a New York fat which produces a pretty large dot but not as big as the orange dots. These are some skinny caps and what that means is they produce a very fine line about a finger width, two finger width just depending. This one is a universal it will work on almost any can. And this is a banana, yellow dot banana. And this only really works with European brands of spray paint. It doesn't work to well with some of the American brands. But you got to be careful with that, sometimes it gets a little flooded. But when you are producing some hand styles, you first just practice in your black book and then you can scale up from just basic line letters into bubble forms. And the same way goes for the stickers. Whatever you are doing in your black book you can just draw that into your stickers. And you can go stick them up in different places, put them up on canvasses, things like that and create nice little collages of stickers. Same with stencils, you can collage a bunch of stencils together and have them do all kinds of crazy stuff like that. But that's some of the production ways of how you can start learning how to do some graffiti.


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