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Tips on painting window murals! Find out about different types of paints for window murals to in this free video on mural painting and window art.

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Video Transcript

Okay, so right now we're going to go over the paint that I use and use a variety of different kinds of paints to get the end results color that I want. I use many different products. One of my favorites is the modern masters, where they have iridescent and it's normally used for faux painting on murals. But I also use them for a window design as well and it's a great product. What I normally do also is when I go into the paint supply stores here in town is that I buy a lot of their goof paints and what's great about their goof paints is that inevitably every paint store has goof paints and they're literally half the price than regular paint. So you can buy a bulk of many different paints and keep them in stock so you can add colors to them and refined them to the colors that you need. So with the goof paint, what's great is that you can buy these little paints that are very reasonable in your local art supply store or smaller like Wal-Mart stores here in town and you can add them to the goof paint, because you're only using a small amount of paint for each design that you're doing especially with the tile work that I'm doing here on the window murals. So I buy a lot of these and you can get them on sale and add them to the goof paints. Then what I'll do if there's a particular paint pallet that we're working with, a color pallet I have to go out and purchase maybe 4 or 5 quarts of the colors that they're looking for to add to my design so it ties it all together. The modern masters like I mentioned earlier are just fantastic because you can also add colors to these as well and it'll keep the aerodescent quality to it. Another great paint that isn't so inexpensive is the Ralph Lauren, they're fantastic, they're one of the highest quality paints that you can use. They go on very thick and smooth to where you're not doing a lot of repetitive work by going back over top of the paint constantly. The only thing that happens with that is that you can't really tint this on smaller scale, you could if you bought more blacks than whites and did it that way, but with the price of it it's actually easier to go ahead get goofs or more inexpensive paints and use these basically for your solid areas that you need more coverage with. Some other things that I pickup at the paint supply stores that are very, very useful is a lot of these little different cups that comes with tops on them. So as you're mixing and you're using your paints up, you'll have inevitably you'll have some left over paints, so when they come with the tops that come on top of them like these, you can keep your paints for a very long time. If you have multiple jobs you can still use the paints over and over again and they'll last a long time.


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