How to Make a Corsage

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Make your own corsage and learn how to use flowers to make homecoming corsages, boutonnieres, or floral hair garlands in this free instructional video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Amelia Tallman, and I am here today taking about how to build wearable flowers. In this step, we are going build a corsage. We have already learned how to wire and tape our flowers; so now its time to bring them all together. So, you want to think about how you want your corsage to lay. Corsages are not necessarily symmetric pieces of floral arrangements, because they are almost exclusively worn on one side of the body; and so its okay to make it asymmetrical. And you always want a generally try and have some curvature in it; you don’t want it to move straight down, you want things to kind of bend and move around. These are the two main flowers I am going to use for this corsage. This one, as you can see, is a little smaller, so its going to be the upper end of the corsage, and this one is going to be the lower end. So I think that I want them to sit with this one sticking kind of facing upwards a little bit, rather than pointing up. So I’m going to bend a little bit with the wire that we have in there, so it sits up like that, just a touch; whereas the other one is going to point upward. And then just kind of wind the two pieces of wire around each other. This is generally how you start out with building: just wind the wires around each other. Now, we want to add in more than just these two flowers. You always want to add in a piece of greenery. This will also have wired and taped. We will bring it in probably right about there, to fill the space between the two; and, again, we will wind it around. And now I am going to bring in some filler flowers. So I just kind of want it feel around where what things look good, and I am just kind of hold them into place. Once I have them where I want them, I am going to wrap additional floral tape around them.


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