How to Repair a Clothes Dryer

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If your clothes dryer isn't working properly, it might be due to lint that has accumulated in the exhaust duct. Learn how to repair and troubleshoot your clothes dryer in this free online home improvement and DIY home repairs video.

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Video Transcript

Almost every time someone calls me to tell me that there dryer is not working, I know the problem. It is an accumulation of lint in the exhaust duct. And it’s very easy to take care of, and there’s no need to pay someone at least sixty dollars to come out and fix it.

What you want to do is, of course, pull your dryer out, which fortunately, is not very heavy - at least compared to the washer. And you’re going to want to loosen the screw on this clamp and take the duct off which will probably have an accumulation of lint either here or there, or even somewhere in the further down the hose which is where it’s been kinked. And it’s easy to take off both ends, take it out to the yard, clean it out.

If that doesn’t seem like it’s the problem - there’s not much lint - then it’s probably going to build up on the outside where it goes out of the wall, and I’ll show you how to take care of that.

Out here where the warm moist air goes out to the outdoors is probably where your problem is if you didn’t discover an accumulation of lint inside. Simply reach up in there and clean that out. it’s definitely going to allow your dryer to expel the warm, moist air, which is what the dryer does. And if it can’t expel it, then your clothes aren’t going to dry. And now they will.


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