Gluing & Clamping Wood Veneer

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Glue and clamp the piece of veneer. Learn how to fix damaged or broken veneer furniture in this free woodworking video.

Part of the Video Series: Repairing Wood Veneer Furniture
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Video Transcript

All right, now we've got our surface all clean. We do have a lock in here. And what you want to worry about here is to not get a bunch of glue in the knot hole. We?ll take care of this later. After this dries we'll come back later and cut this out. First concern is getting this down nice and flat and getting glue on every surface here and here and staying clear of the hole. We're going to apply the glue, just in a random pattern. You want to get it all over the surface. Sometimes you can take a piece of veneer and just work it in. An old brush, your finger, just about anything will work. The biggest thing is you want to get a nice even coat of glue, staying clear of that knot, that area where the key is. Once you get the surface all nice and saturated, you don't want any big bubbles, so anything too excess just kind of work it off the edges and right into your rag here. Sometimes too much is worse than not enough. Then we're going to put our veneer right on top. We get a block about the same size of the surface you're working with. If you'll notice, this block fits about the same size as the drawer itself. We want to place it right over, make sure we have excess hang, excess all the way around. We apply our two clamps. We want even pressure on here too so we're going to put two clamps on. And again, even, consistent pressure from both clamps. If the drawer is much bigger we'd use three or four clamps, but in this case two should work fine. We tighten that up. You want to keep them, keep going back and forth till you get both them real snug. Once you get that done, we're going to set it to the side and again let it dry for twenty four hours.


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