How to Set the Height for Hanging a Picture

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Learn from an expert how to set the height for hanging a picture in this free interior design video on techniques and tips for hanging pictures.

Part of the Video Series: How to Hang a Picture
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Video Transcript

In this series we are going to show you how to hang big pictures, small pictures and every size in between. We are going to show you how to use hangers and we are going to show you how to quickly and easily hang a picture just like a professional. In this clip I am going to show you how to hang pictures throughout your house perhaps that you have several of these picture frames and you want to hang several frames that are the same size, the same style of frame and they are going to be in different locations but you want them to be all about the same height. I am going to show you how to accurately measure and hang your pictures throughout your house. The first thing that you want to do is establish your height and that looks pretty good right there. I determined earlier that I wanted the top of my picture frame to be about sixty inches. So I am going to get my measuring tape and I am going to put my measuring tape on the top of my trim and I am going to mark at sixty inches. Now that we have our mark at sixty inches we could put the nail hole there but a lot of frames, where you hang it, is actually an inch or two inches or even more below the top of the frame. So if you want the top of your frame to be right at sixty inches then you need to subtract whatever that distance is. So that is where you get your tape measure, and you will measure from the top of the frame to the point where your hanger is going to fit and this one is actually an inch and a quarter. Now I need to go back to my wall, there is my original mark, and every time you put a mark on a wall make sure it is pretty light. I am going to measure an inch and a quarter down and put another mark and that is going to be the mark where my nail hole is. The top mark is the mark where the top of the frame is going to be. Now we are ready to put our hanger in. I am going to put my safety glasses on and grab my hammer and nail and we are going to just nail this hanger right in there. Now that we have got that hung, we will pull out the little tab and hang your picture right on the wall. Now we can duplicate this step throughout the house and all of our pictures throughout the house will be the same height.


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