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Learn the object of the game mancala, with rules, instructions and strategy for how mancala is played, from a board game expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Today we’re talking about the basic tips of playing the game Mancala. Now what we want to talk about now is the actual object of the game. The object of this 2 player game is very simple. It’s a counting game, it’s a stone game. The object is by the end of the game to get the most stones accumulated in your larger storage component and the way you do this is by sowing the seeds and I’ll teach you in some later segments on exactly how to do this. But again, the object of the game is to get the most stones into your components, your storage container. Now interestingly enough, you don’t necessarily want to be the first person out because the way the game ends is when your side, your smaller compartments are completely vacated of stones, which means there might be a few stones left on your opponent’s side. If your opponent has stones on their side when your side is completely empty, they get to keep all of those stones and put them into their count for their larger storage component. So the object of the game is to get the most stones, not necessarily to be the first person without any stones on his smaller storage container side, okay. So keep that in mind to get the most stones, not to necessarily be out first.


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