Choosing Rock Shape for Rock Polishing

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Learn how to choose the right size and shape of your rock before polishing in this free rock polishing and collecting video clip.

Part of the Video Series: A Guide to Rock Polishing
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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Jason with Expert and today we're making a polished rock charm for a necklace. We've drilled holes in each side. They meet in the middle, and we've beveled the outside edge of both holes. Now we're going to work on the shape. The shape can be anything you want. It can be as big, as small, as smooth, as round, as square, whatever you want to do. I like to take the natural shape of the way it broke off, and it's kind of tear drop shaped. So, I'm really going to keep all of the edges the way they are and just smooth them up and make it so they don't poke and grind it down a little bit so it's not quite so big. If you don't like how big it is, for instance, this would be really hard to break with a rock again. So, what we could do, with a hammer again, I'm sorry. We could drill a small hole through here and break it off. You could use a bit, grind it down. I don't want to do any of that. I want to keep it all like this. And until you're a little bit more experienced with it I would suggest you do the same. I'll keep all the little divots in like this. I'll follow it all the way around, all these flat spots. That way, when it's all polished it's going to really look a lot, it's going to look more like an art piece rather than something that came out of a factory. A lot of people will notice a lot more. And the polish where there's a lot of edges will really shine a lot better too so we're going to keep all of those in it as we work on the first cutting. With that we're going to use a silica carbide cutting bit. And these are really sharp, they work really fast, so we've got to keep it wet and we've got to keep our fingers out of the way. So we'll do that next.


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