How to Dance the Running Man Melbourne Shuffle

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Learn how to do the Running Man at high beats per minute as part of the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video.

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Video Transcript

I am going to show you guys how to do the Melbourne Shuffle. Alright the running man. You're probably thinking what running man in electronic music, you have to be insane. Technically we are insane. Basically if you have seen the running man it is pretty simple, but doing it at 140 -150 BPM, it?s kind of hard to keep up with the pace. So what I am going to show you right here is the basis of learning that if you don't know how to do it. I am going to start of with my left foot. Once we have the foot convictions right, this is how it will look. So once you are on your left foot your right foot is in the back. So you?re standing like walk position. What you do is pick up your right foot and put it in the middle, once your in the middle your foot is up it is still in the air, and then well you do that your left foot is sliding to the middle as well. Once you slide into the middle you?re able to push your right foot forward and your left foot slides back. So it looks like this. Once you do that you should be able to get the running man down, just keep alternating your feet left and right. So once your left foot slides forward and your and your left foot is back, jump your left foot in the middle and your right foot slides to the middle. With that you?re left foot slides forward and your right foot slides back. Keep practicing this trying to build up the pace of it from time to time trying to get to fast as you, till you can to match the BPM. With this you can also go into shuffling. Say for instants if you are doing the running man and step forward and once you step and you see how your right foot is in the front and your back foot is back there, remember to try to go back to that T position. So, once you step forward your left foot turns into the back so it looks like a T and you can go into the shuffle with that. So practicing these steps help combine them and this is called the Melbourne Shuffle. Next I am going to show you the arm movements on how to do, when you are doing these movements.


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