How to Tune a Dulcimer

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Learn all about different tuners for string instruments, including how to tune a dulcimer, with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Reno McCormick, and we're going to tell you about tuning string instruments today. This is an instrument made in Appalachia. It's called a Mountain Dulcimer, it's played on your lap. It used to be played with a quill instead of a pick; well it's hard to find quills these days. And you use your fingers. Unlike guitar, you use your fingers like this. It's tuned to an open D chord. D, A, B. Let's tune this with the old fashioned method with. That's an A, sounded like an A didn't it? Sounds pretty good to me. So there's our A, those are all B's now, if I play. This is where the fifth fret would be if they had all the frets in that could be in. So I have B, B, B, B. Now these two are, there's two strings here. They're both tuned to D. These are drone strings that just give us, they are sympathetic. They just keep ringing, ringing, ringing. There you have it.


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