Stuffing the Arms: How to Make a Puppet

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Learn how to make puppets in this free video clip, including stuffing the arms to make a puppet with a moving mouth.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Puppets
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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Paul from You can find us on the worldwide web at Okay so now we have our character all turned inside out here. What we are going to do and this is something that I forgot to mention earlier. It’s just an extra little piece that you are going to need with your supplies. This is Polyfill stuffing. We are going to need that. It is regular polyfill that you would stuff a teddy bear with or any other stuffed animal. What we are going to do is stuff these arms because right now these arms are pretty flimsy and there is a little trick to it. We are going to start off stuffing the fingers. So we are going to use a tiny little bit of stuffing. We are going to put the stuffing inside, I am holding it here, I am sticking my hand inside putting it at the base of the opening of the arm and I am going use my trusty little pencil here as a tool for pushing it down inside of the arm. What we want to do is we want to stuff each finger individually, so right now I have the thumb stuck. Now move along again. Just a little pinch not too much. That is actually a little too much. The same method again. We stick little pinch of stuffing into the arm; push it down with a pencil into the next finger so we got a little finger stuffed. Now what we are going to do is take a bigger pinch of stuffing probably like a palm sized here and again, I am putting my hand inside the opening of the puppet finding the opening inside there of the sleeve or the arm rather and I keep pushing it down and as you can see now, it is a little filled up over here. So now what I have here is a little stuffed arm as you can see with a little bend in the middle there. So why don’t you do that with the other side and when we come back we are going to be making the mouth board for it. See you in a bit.


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