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Learn about rope magic tricks in this free illusion and street magic video.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, I am going to give you some sort of basics on a rope. If you are going to do rope magic, there is something called a magicians rope. This is an example of it, it is just a soft cotton rope. A lot of it just comes out a little bit grey like this, but if you go to a magic shop and you ask them for a magicians rope this is what you are going to get. Sometimes it has a core in it and if it does you are going to want to pull that out before you use, but it is very flexible, it is very soft, it cuts pretty easily. This is another example of some of the magicians rope that is bleached white and this is even softer. One of the reasons that I wanted to show you this is that the ends of this will fray easily. So what I did was I wrapped it with some scotch tape and made sure that it was nice and even and then I cut tape and everything and that sort of sealed up the end of the rope. So if you are going to be using one length of rope all the time and it is not going to change length like some of the stuff I am going to show you in a little while, then taping the ends is good. You can also dip them in white glue or you can whip them like with thread. Whipping is an old thread technique from like the sailing days I think and that's good. They make rope in colors, this is more of a nylon based rope, this is another version of a magicians rope that is colored. They do make this cotton stuff in different colors. So there's all sorts of options for rope. This is one more, this sort of a thicker softer cotton rope, this is actually called big fat white rope and this is an example of the fraying that I wanted to show you. This is why you would want to tape it like this to keep that from happening. So, we are going to do some fun magic with rope and I am going to teach you how to do it all.


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