Wiring Neutral Wire for Ceiling Fan Installation

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Learn how to wire neutral wire when installing a ceiling fan in this free home improvement video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Install a Ceiling Fan
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Video Transcript

Today we are going to learn how to install a ceiling fan in your home. The next step is to wire the ceiling fan. We do now have the fan hung, here is the bracket, securely screwed into wood above the sheet rock. The fan ball is hanging in the bracket and it looks good. So the next step is to hook the wiring; the white wire would go with the white wire coming out of the ceiling. So we are going to go ahead and give ourselves a little bit of extra and then we are going to cut our fan wire. Then these are diagonals or wire cutters. Then we can very carefully, go around in a circle with this and then you can pull off the wire insulation like that. So this white wire and this white wire are the neutral wires that we would connect this white wire to this one. What we simply do is take the wire nut off of the existing wire. I'm going to trim this just a little bit. Something like that and then we simply lay this wire next to this one. They are laying next to each other just like that you take your wire nut and put it on like that. Then the threads inside the wire nut would twist the wire together and you tighten this up pretty good. Okay that has about 5 pounds of torch on it so that is pretty tight. So there we now have our neutral wire connect to our fan neutral wire with a wire nut.


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