How to Measure the Apron for Building a Table

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Learn how to take measurements for an apron when building a table in this free carpentry and woodworking video.

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Video Transcript

The first step we need to do is make our measurements, figure out what our lengths to cut our pieces are all going to be. The first thing I like to start with is the top. Normally a table has a little bit of an edge when the apron comes inside of it. I usually kind of give it on this table since I'm dealing with something rather small, it's going to be just a small little end table of some sort. Is I'm going to go with the 2 inch edge all the way around. That means my apron's going to fit 2 inches all the way around inside. Now what I do is I set my combination square to 2 inches. Now, you don't necessarily have to know the dimensions of your top, that could be arbitrary to fit in whatever space you need at home. But normally what I do is you put the edge against, take your pencil and put it on the edge of the square and just roll down. You run into some places with the wood. We'll do that here, this is a nice little trick somebody showed my early on. Now, with these lines this is our indicator where our apron's going to sit. I want the apron to sit just on the insides of this line. So now what becomes important is this dimension here is this dimension here. I'm going to use my tape measure to figure out what that is. It's looking to be 24 inches or 2 feet, okay I'm going to write that down right here so I know. Then this dimension here, we're at 16 and 1/8.


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