Applying Mud to Drywall

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Mud needs to be used on drywall before it's taped. Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on using mud and tape on drywall in this free home improvement video.

Part of the Video Series: Adding a Bathroom to a Home
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Video Transcript

We got our dry wall hung and our, we're all screwed off and now we're going to start doing our mud work to seal all the screws and all the joints and all the corners. And, I'm going to start by doing this joint right across here. And, I've got my mud mixed up in my mud pan. I like to start with a six inch knife. Get a little bit of mud on there. You don't need a big thick amount of drywall mud to start this process, but you've got to have enough on there that the paper, the tape we're going to put on is completely covered or saturated with the mud. And this will just take a few minutes here, let's see I'm a little short here, put a little bit more on back there. Okay, we've got our mud put on. Now we're going to put our tape on. And what I usually do is try and stretch it out to where I think it's going to cover. I'm going to cut it off. And then you just lay it, now you can't probably see this but in the middle of this tape there's a small crease, and I like to put, try and put the crease right over the joint; where the two pieces came together, as close as I can get it. Now, I've got a little extra here so I just take my knife, and once I've secured it to the wall, I clean up the excess as best I can. And, we'll just push the knife into the corner, tear it off and it's good. And clean up as much of the excess as we can get off. Now at this point I won't put any more drywall mud on this joint until this is dry. So, it will probably be tomorrow before I actually come back and put another coat on this. At that time I'll use a nine or a twelve inch knife, which we'll put mud, you know, all the way over about this thick.


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