How to Install Fuel Filter Parts

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Put car parts back the way you found them after changing a fuel filter. Learn about car maintenance and fuel filter replacement in this free video.

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Video Transcript

In these following clips, we're going to talk about removal and replacement of the vehicle's fuel filter. In this clip, we're going to talk about reassembly procedures for some of the things you may have had to disassemble on your vehicle to gain access to your fuel filter. It's going to vary widely, depending on make and model. In this particular vehicle, we had to remove the cruise control actuator assembly. It will pretty much roll right down into place where it should be, there are some mounting studs for it that it will sit on. You can see, that is a mounting stud right there. Make sure you line them all up, and get it seated on there nice and snug. From there you're going to want to take your retaining nuts. Just spin them all on at once. It's a good idea to start all your nuts at one point in time. If you were to tighten one down, you might not be able to manipulate the engine's accessory in order to get your nut started. You can see what I did for that one that's way down there; I put the nut in my socket, and held it on with my finger and got it started that way. It's a lot better to try and do it that way, instead of dropping it down inside the engine compartment; you may lose it forever. These nuts are just about a quarter turn past hand tight, that is good enough right there. Being that we have the fuel system integrity reestablished; there's not going to be any leaks, there's no open fuel anywhere, it's okay to reconnect the vehicle's battery. This one happens to take a ten millimeter. It's normally a ten millimeter or a half inch.


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