How to Install Fuel Lines

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After changing the fuel filter, reinstall the fuel line! Learn about fuel filter replacement with this free video.

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Video Transcript

In these following clips we're going to talk about removal and replacement of the vehicles fuel filter. In this clip we're going to talk about reinstalling the vehicles fuel lines. As you can see, if you look down here, I have left the nipple on the fuel filter. When you buy one brand new, out of the box, it's going to have sealing nipples, it's a black plastic thing, on the inlet and the outlet side. You're going to want to leave them on until you reinstall the fuel lines, just to keep foreign material from entering the system. Let me take my pliers, grab a hold of our little nipple and pull it off, if I can. There we go, we can go ahead and discard that. If you take a look at the fuel line you'll see a clamp pattern on it, as you can the grooves from where the clamp has been, the exact location where that permanent tension clamp was at. It's always been my opinion that you reinstall the clamp exactly the way that it was on there, it's been there, the rubber is used to being held tight in that location and it's a good idea to put it right back where it was. I'll take my slip joint pliers and slide our fuel like on, and squeeze our permanent tension clamp, and slide it right back down into place. There will be a pattern on the rubber that you can follow and make sure you got your clamp on correctly. That is the proper way to reinstall your fuel line.


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