How to Remove Fuel Filter Mounting Bolts

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Take off the bolts that keep a fuel filter in place. Learn how to remove a fuel filter with these video instructions.

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Video Transcript

In these following clips we're going to talk about removal and replacement of the vehicles fuel filter. In this clip, we're going to talk about some various procedures for removing the mounting devices that hold the fuel filter to the vehicles body, or frame. Being that it carries fuel, you want to eliminate any kind of vibration that may be caused by the road or the way the vehicle runs. If the fuel line and fuel filter vibrate it will eventually cause a crack in the system, a leakage, and if you're leaking fuel and there's a source of ignition you'll have a pretty nasty fire. If you look down here you can see we have some mounting bolts and a very large hose clamp, which holds the filter in place. I'm going to take and remove the mounting bolts. On this particular vehicle we lucked out it happens to be a fuel filter which is under the hood, which keeps it semi-clean. Some of the mounting bolts, if it happens to be in line and on the frame of the vehicle between the engine compartment and the fuel tank, it may be severely corroded. If that's the case and the bolts break off you may have to come up with alternate means of mounting your fuel filter. It's pretty much at your discretion. Personally I use zip-ties, something like this, just zip it back down to the brake line, or the fuel line, something to keep it from moving around. You can't just leave it loose. When it comes to these hose clamps I prefer to use a socket wrench instead of a screwdriver, this seems to be a lot faster for me that way. And this is it, this is our mounting device as you can see, it's pretty heavy gauge sheet metal for just a filter. It's there for protection purposes. A cup of gasoline has the same explosive power as a stick of dynamite.


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