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Learn how to store jumper cables so they don't become tangled or damaged using the expert tips found in this free car-maintenance video.

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Watch your next segment on storing the cables. As I indicated before, I highly recommend that you store these cables in a plastic or some type of environment where they'll stay clean, dry, and away from explosive actions such as water, sunlight. Sunlight can deteriorate the insulation on the cables, causing them to crack and break and leaving wires exposed, leaving you in a potential hazard for electrical short which can cause sparking and potential for a battery to explode from the gases from the battery. So you want to store these in a way that they're going to stay nice and straight and untangled and not deteriorate away. You've got an investment here so you want to protect that. Generally I try and wrap them up, just kind of coil them over so they'll fit in a zip-lock storage bag works real good, like a 1 gallon freezer bag cause you can zip up, put them in there and zip the lid close and that ensures that they stay nice and sealed from the environment, sealed out of the weather. And keep them out of direct sunlight. You can store these in your bottom automobile in a number of different places. If you have a spare tire carrier, right in the middle of that spare tire there's a big open empty space right there, they work real good in that location. There's also a number of storage places that are within the vehicle, today's manufacturers put them there for a variety of different reasons. Any place that you'll remember where they're at and know how to get to them in case of an emergency, a good place to store them. Even underneath the seat of your car would be an acceptable place. You just want to make sure that you keep them clean, and sealed away from the environment in a place where you can get to them in case you need them. Watch the next segment on what jumper cables are and how they're basically made and how they're used.


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