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Adjust caster measurement by taking a base measurement when turning the wheel, and then installing the gauge; get tips from our expert mechanic in this free auto-repair video.

Part of the Video Series: Wheel Alignment Tips for Custom Cars
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Video Transcript

Now, Mark has snapped a good chalk line on the floor. He took a straight edge, laid it up with--was apparently parallel to the rear tire, you know, with a hot rod like this, the whole body is curved, there's no fenders, there's very little to measure off of, so Mark reckoned off the rear tire with a straight edge and extended that with a chalk line, and now he's got himself a nice straight line that he can measure the caster off of. Caster measurement is taken when turning the wheel, you start the base measurement when you turn the wheel 15 degrees out. So we've made this template here out of cardboard so that we know where to, you know, how to line up the tire. So we line up the tire 15 degrees out, on the side you're measuring the caster with. Then Mark will install the gauge on the wheel and then using that level again at the front there, the side to side--he'll level that. And then zero the bubble for adjusting the caster. So here's the zero mark he's going to align the bubble up with. And then we'll move the cardboard template so that we can turn the wheel 15 degrees the other direction. So if you take a look at the bubble on the caster, by measuring this, Mark has made himself a bunch or work for himself. We've got like a degree or a degree and a quarter, negative caster. And remember, negative is bad, it's like a shopping cart. It turns real well but it won't go fast in a straight line.


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