Preparing a New Lug Nut Stud Surface

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If you've got to replace a lug nut stud, learn how to prepare a new surface and get your car tire fixed in this free auto repair video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Replace Lug Nut Studs
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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough. In this clip we are going to talk about one of the steps involved in changing a broken wheel stud. This step we are going to talk about in this clip is going to be a little bit of surface prep and some things you are going to want to do to aid in pulling that new stud. What I've got here is some liquid wrench, that is going to be our lubricant. Take and shoot a little bit in our hole there just like so. We are also going to lubricate our lug stud. What I've done is when I begin this job I put this lug stud in the freezer. Any small amount of space saving is going to aid in this job. Putting this in the freezer is going to cause the metal metalloid to contract which is going to allow it to fit in our receiving hole a little better. There are several methods for pulling a stud. The method I prefer is use a constant velocity joint nut just like so. Grab a lug nut here, won't use that one, will use this one here. We are going to start this lug nut on there just like so. All right, what I like to do is take my little pry bar here and I am going to set it between two other good studs. As you can see that is going to apply resistance for me so I can go ahead and pull that stud through. Set my 4-way on there. As I am tightening this lug nut down, what we are doing is making a sandwich between the splines on the stud and the CV nut. What that is allowing us to do is to pull the stud through the back. We are going to pull it through till it is flat just like one of these. Once I get it seated, I'll rotate the hub and show you what we have done. All right, you can see how we've pulled that stud through and take and loosen up my rig here. You are going to want to flip your blocker wrench over just like so now that we are going in the opposite direction. Like I said there are several methods of pulling studs. This is the one that I've always used. You only need one CV nut. They work for pretty much all of them. Roll it around and as you can see our stud is seated nice and flat and the blinds are fully engaged and that's the proper way in my opinion to pull a new lug stud.


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