How to Install Brake Pads on Your Car

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Learn how to install brake pads on your car - free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Nate McCullough on behalf of In this clip we are going to talk about the proper way to install your vehicle's brake pads. This particular vehicle has steel guides that the pads actually ride on. This is the upper guide. Just going to take and slide in just like so and it will clip in place. You got to take a little bit of care because they are made out of some very thin steel. Do not damage them when you are pushing them in place. This is lower guide here. Some vehicles have these guides, some don't. There we go; that's the proper way to put on those steel shims. This is the inboard brake pad. You can see this is the surface that the caliper piston mounts to and your wear indicator is pointed on the trailing edge of the inboard side of the rotor. We are going to go ahead and take and slide this brake pad onto its perch. There's our first one. This is your outboard brake pad. No wear indicator on the outboard pad. Go ahead and insert it there on the bottom, rotate it in and slide it into place, right there. That's the proper way to put on the pads themselves. We have some return springs to install as well. These clips right here hook inside the pads there and the lower spring, goes there and there. Don't worry about mixing these springs up. Nine times out of ten they are going to be identical, side to side or top to bottom. That's the proper way to reinstall your vehicle's brake pads.


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