How to Remove the Cover of the Dome Light in a Car

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Remove the cover of the dome light when replacing the interior lights in a car with advice from a professional mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

Part of the Video Series: Replacing Interior Car Lights
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Video Transcript

In this segment, we're going to cover the removal and cleaning of the interior lens for the dome light. Okay, in order to replace or remove the cover for the interior dome light, first we want to inspect again and look for Phillips screws or screws of any nature. I don't see any screws fastened in. That leads us to believe there's going to be a snap on cover again. So, after giving it a closer little inspection, I see a slot right here and I'm going to take a straight screw driver and just insert it into the slot, gently wig -- wiggle it around, probably down a little bit until you get it loose, and behind it will just snap out. Once again, the cover is gently held in by four snaps in the four corners. That's what holds it on. Okay, in order to clean it -- once again, I'll just spray it down with some interior window cleaning solution to wipe it down thoroughly, both inside and out. To clean it, I'm just going to spray it down, light application, on both sides -- window cleaning solution. And wipe down all the dirt and dust. And if you see all the small grooves on the back side of it, those are help to reflect the light and give you a brighter dome. So you want to make sure that you get your fingernail in there and clean out all the dust in the grooves, clean it thoroughly on both sides. And you just want to make sure that you clean out all the grooves on the back side 'cause those will help to reflect the light and give you a brighter light. So just make sure you get all the dust and dirt out of there. Now we've got it cleaned thoroughly, watch our next segment on removal and cleaning the interior dome light bulb.


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