Six-Step Footwork Moves in Breakdancing: Free Online Dance Lessons

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Learn how to do the six-step, a beginner footwork move, in breakdancing in this free online dance lesson for beginning breakers.

Part of the Video Series: Breakdancing Moves and Steps
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Video Transcript

Today we are going to learn what is called a six step. This is a basic circular footwork pattern that you see a lot of b-boys and b-girls do. So little bit more advanced but it is easy to remember because it has only six steps. Okay so you want to think about your six step like a compass your hands stay in the middle and your feet makes a circle around. The first three steps you are making half a circle to the front and the second three steps you are making a half of circle to the back. So I am going to face this way so you can see a little bit better. So your going to start with your right foot although you can start with either foot first when you are doing these, start with your right foot, comes out with the basic step out the back left foot, squeezes right behind the knee of the right foot, then you are going to take your right foot right underneath your butt the left foot you are going to swing it around in front of the right foot swing that is your fourth step. Back five you are going to step out and then your back at one, one step in two, open up three, swing around four, push back five open six again one bring it in two, open up three, swing it around four, push back five, open six and that is the basic six step pattern. So don’t let the six steps confuse you. It can be a little bit difficult to understand where you are shifting your weights. So when you come around and your one, two, three this is when you switch to the other side when you go from three to four. So you really want to sit up on these ankles so that you can lift up and over the fourth foot comes here step back five open. So I am going to it a few times so you can see how my weight shifts and that is a six step.


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