How To Do The UFO Yo-Yo Trick

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How to do the UFO trick on your Yo-Yo in this free video on Yo-Yo basics.

Part of the Video Series: How To Do Basic Yo-Yo Tricks
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Video Transcript

Next trick we're going to be showing you is called UFO. It's actually used to help adjust the tension on your string if you want to. If you throw it to the left it's going to loosen your string. If you throw this to the right, it's going to tighten your string. When you first start yo-yoing a lot, your yo-yo will usually do this a lot, it'll spin out on you. It makes the string really tight or really loose. UFO is actually a really good way to fix that. Let me show you real quick what it looks like. What you do is you hold the yo-yo sideways. It's going to be a really weird motion at first because everything we've taught you has been to not hold it sideways, to hold it straight and throw straight. This one you actually throw completely horizontal. It shoots around like so, you brag the string, and you toss it up to your hand. That was to the right and this one is to the left. When I throw is to the right, you'll notice if I hold it there for a while, that string is being tightened around the yo-yo. You'll see I've got this is what we call spaghetti string. It's not the coolest term, but it's really, really tight string. To get out of it, I'll see if my yo-yo doesn't get knots. Do a UFO to the left. This is actually loosening the string up. You'll notice when I pull it's not nearly as tight as it was before. To do it, you hold the yo-yo sideways just like do. You want to get a really strong throw. That's one of the really important things to UFO and one of th reasons people get frustrated with it. Hold it sideways like so, get a really strong throw, bring your hand up and across. The yo-yo is going to die right now, but it's just because I'm showing you how to do it. After you throw, you take your hand and bring the cross like so. The yo-yo is going to be spinning out, and then you just toss it up. What you want to happen is the yo-yo is going to come up spinning sideways and you want it to be directly horizontal to where your hand is. What this allows the yo-yo to do is grab that string and shoot straight across like so. Watch when I do it now to the left. I bring it up, toss it, and see how it comes straight across the hand. It grabs that string and shoots straight across. To throw it to the right, you throw hard, grab the string, and toss up. When you do it to the left, instead of throwing like so, you're actually going to take your hand and turn it underneath like that. It's from this position to this position. You're going to throw the yo-yo this way. It's a really awkward motion. It takes a little bit of practice, but it's worth it. If you do one UFO to the right, one UFO to the left, it's going to keep your yo-yo from getting to tight or too loose. It's going to help you later on when you're practicing your tricks. That is the UFO.


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