How to Make Videos With FaceMorpher


It is fun to make morphs from images. Morphs are a series of images that are blended together and change from one image to another. See the above video for an example. This can have practical applications for showing products on a website or personal applications like making a morphing slide show of your family shots. Luxand Software offers a couple of different packages for creating morphs. They are inexpensive and demos can be downloaded at (see link below).

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • FaceMorpher 2.1 from Luxand Installed on a PC or Mac
  • Images to be used for Morphing
    • 1
      Add Photos

      To start, simply click on the ADD A PHOTO to start adding photos. You will be taken to a browse window where you can select a photo. Only JPEG and BMP formats can be used at the present time.

    • 2
      Select the Morph Area

      Use your cursor to select the image portion you want to morph. The whole image will be present, but it will only morph from one image to another based on the area you select. As you use your cursor, it will draw a white box over the area you select like the sample on the left. After you make your selection, click NEXT.

    • 3
      Fine tune your selection

      When your images are added, they will be added with a green morph outline with a number of green "handles" or points. You can drag on the handles to enlarge or reduce the morphing area. As the images change, they will morph together based on these selections. Experiment with adjusting the morph points and number of frames. Use the preview buttons until it looks the way you want it to.

    • 4
      Save Movie

      Save your morph project. After saving the project it is time to save your movie. Movies are saved in an AVI format. Select the frame rate for your movie. Motion pictures are made at about 30 FPS. That speed may make your morph too fast. Slowing the rate below 15 FPS may make the morph not flow right depending on how many frames you selected.

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