How to Change Your Air Filter


No need to pay a mechanic for this job - air filters are inexpensive and easily changed. You should change your car's air filter every 15,000 miles.



Things You'll Need

  • Air Filters
  • Clean Rags
  • Auto Emergency Kits
  • Car Manuals
  • Screwdriver Sets
    • 1

      Open the hood.

    • 2

      Locate your air filter, usually found on top of the engine. On cars with carburetors it is in a round piece of metal about the size of a medium pizza; fuel-injected cars have square or rectangular air filter housings that may be off to the side of the engine.

    • 3

      Unscrew or unclamp the top to the air filter housing.

    • 4

      Lift out the air filter. It should be a round or rectangular filter made of paper or plastic, with a rubber rim.

    • 5

      Clean the area with a vacuum cleaner or seal the top of the carburetor. This will keep debris out of the carburetor as you continue to clean the housing.

    • 6

      Clean out any dirt or bugs from the inside of the air filter housing with a rag.

    • 7

      Replace the filter with a new filter. Consult your manual to determine the proper filter for your car.

    • 8

      Replace the cover and close the hood.

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