Painting Technique to Use on a Cardboard Magazine Holder

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Painting techniques to use on a cardboard magazine holder require you to start with primer. Find out about a painting technique to use on a cardboard magazine holder with help from an experienced art professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Gene Jimenez. And this is a painting technique to use on a cardboard magazine holder. These cardboard magazine holders are cost effective and fun to decorate, let me show you. The first thing you wan to do is primer it. I use a spray primer because of low water content. Most house paint is fine acrylic paint which also has very low water content. You want to use a soft bristle brush and you only want to use one coat. Depending on your taste, I actually like leaving brush strokes in my paint. So that people will know that it's a hand painted object, gives it a little bit more hand touch to it and doesn't look so static or doesn't look like plastic. Once the first layer is dry, take a tube of acrylic paint. You're going to put three dabs of paint on your box. You're going to take an old credit card or a gift card and move the paint around. And doesn't matter which way it goes or how to looks, it's supposed to be very decorative. That looks great for that side. I still have paint, so I'm going to use it on this side here. And as you can see, it's picking up the strokes of the first layer. We're going to do this side and put more paint in. You don't need a ton of paint, just enough to cover as much as you want. And make random strokes. And don't forget your front or back, depending on how you set up your magazine holder. Now, you have a colorful and personalized way to organize your magazines.


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