How to Repurpose Old Dresses Into Aprons

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Repurposing old dresses into aprons requires a pair of scissors, stickpins and a few other really simple items. Repurpose old dresses into aprons with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Angela with FreeStyle Fashionista. And today, I’m going to show you how to repurpose old dresses into aprons. Few things you’re going to need is a dress, a pair of scissors, stickpins, and a trim of your choice that matches the dress. Step number one: Flip your dress over, and we’re going to cut the back completely off. I’ve already cut this side off. You want to just go ahead and follow the seam all the way up the dress. Okay. And then, go ahead and cut the neckline off as well. This is a perfect dress because the neckline is still usable – you don’t have to add a tie up here. Cut that out. Okay. And now, your next step, you’re going to put the apron on, and you’re probably going to end up pinning it back a little bit like I did this side, just because you don’t want it to cover the whole front of your body. So, I’m just going to eyeball this side. I’m going to stick some pins in. When you have the dress on, you also want to put stickpins where you’re going to want the ties to be. So, most likely it’ll be at the top of your waist. So, you want to take your trim, cut it into small strips – enough so that you’re able to tie a bow, tie a knot, whatever you decide to do. You go ahead and stick a stickpin here, fold it in place. If you wanted to, you can use the back of the apron that we have left – the material – and you can make pockets if you want to be really cute. Alright, now I’m going to stick that stickpin there. You would sew this all together. And then, going to go ahead and put it on, tie this back, see how it looks. You can add little pockets right here, like I mentioned. And, that is how you repurpose old dresses into aprons. Thank you so much for watching! Have a great day!


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