How to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

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Making coffee filter flowers will require food coloring and a few other very specific materials. Make coffee filter flowers with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Facci of Facci Designs. And today, I'm going to show you how to make coffee filter flowers. Let's make some pink ones. Add a little bit of food coloring, let's mix that up. Then, you want to scrunch up your coffee filter and dip into the coloring. Squeeze out the excess water, unfold it and then, lay it down to dry. So, you keep doing this until all the water is gone and you'll notice that it goes from a dark color to a light. You're going to make three piles, your light, your medium and your dark shades. So, here I have three of my light shade, three a medium shade and two of a darker shade. O.k., let's start with the darker shade. We've got two coffee filters here, kind of smooth them out a bit. Fold that in half, you get kind of a taco shape and then, fold that again like this. Then, you're going to cut some jagged edges, this is for the inside of the flower. So, you want these to be a little more jagged than the outer petals, o.k., something like that. So, that's my first pile. Then, you've got the medium colors. Smooth them out, I have about three here. You can use more, you can use less, depending on how full you want your flower. So, let's fold those in half and then, fold them again. So, now you're going to cut another jagged edge, but not as jagged as the first one. So,maybe something, maybe something like that, put that aside. Here's your outer petals. I like to fade them to white, I don't even dye the last one. O.k., I have three here, fold in half, fold again. And now, you make this a little smoother, more of a scalloped edge, it doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun. Alright, so now you have your three layers here. I'm going to cut, snip off the end to create a hole on each. Alright, I like to use pipe cleaners, and I found these green pipe cleaners, I used two of them. I twist the top just a little, I take my inside of my flower, I open that up. And I'm going to scrunch that up, o.k. Then, I'm going to take tape this to the outside of my pipe cleaner. So, now you have that. So, then you take your second layer of the medium colors, unfold them. And one by one, insert your pipe cleaner, bring that up around the middle and start to scrunch. Now, I have my last layer here, which is the lighter colors. Do the same thing, o.k., just scrunch it up, play with your flower. O.k., this one, scrunch it up and then, the last one. Give it a little twist on the bottom here. Now, you're going to take one of the pipe cleaners, fold it up to the base of the flower and start to twirl it around the pipe cleaner. And that hides the tape and gives it a little bud, bud, I guess, you call it. Just keep twisting and look how pretty. There you have a coffee filter flower. So, imagine doing a whole bunch of these and making a huge bouquet. Now, if you want this to be a little stiffer, you know, you can double this up to make it a little stiffer. You can wrap some wire around it, if you needed to. What about maybe taping it to a real branch, that would be really pretty. Or, you can even use a straw. So, this is Linda Facci of Facci Designs, and I hope you enjoyed making your coffee filter flowers, bye-bye.


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