How to Wire a Ceiling Fan With a Remote to a Wall Switch

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Wiring a ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch requires a few important tools, like a razor blade and a pair of wire strippers. Wire a ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch with help from a Foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good day, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today I'm going to talk to you about how to wire up a ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch. For this job we're going to be using several different things. For this job we have a battery powered drill with a Phillips tip bit, our wireless remote system, a razor blade, a pair of wire strippers, electrical tape, wire nuts and just a regular wall switch. So let's say that this is the wire coming out of your electrical light box. You're going to take the wires hooked to your ceiling fan and the wires for your wireless remote and each one is labeled according to where it goes. So here we have a fan going out, a light going out, your common, your common and your live going in. So here we have our live going in. We're going to take it and hook it to our wire that is coming from the light switch and we're going to connect them with a wire nut and then we're going to take our common that is going into the box and we're going to wire nut that to our electrical wire coming from our switch box. Now here we have a black wire and this is our light going out which means the light fixture that goes to the ceiling fan needs to hook to the light fixture on the wireless remote. In this case, the light fixture wire is blue so we're going to hook the blue wire to the black wire. The red wire is our fan wire so we're going to hook that to our fan wire from our fan. And then we have our two commons, one coming from the fan, the other coming from the box. We're just simply going to wire nut those together as well. After you get everything wire nutted together what I like to do is take the electrical tape, put about a three inch piece around each wire nut. That way you have no chance of anything coming loose. Now let's focus on the switch box. Here we just have a regular switch and what we'll do is go ahead and get all our wires separated and then we'll take the wire strippers, put a bend on our black wires. When you strip the black wires you want to go about an inch down on the wire, that way you have nothing but copper connecting your screw. So then we'll take our power coming in and put it around the screw and tighten it down. And then, we'll take the other one that goes to our ceiling fan and put it on the other screw. Now when you tighten it down you want to make sure your wire is going the same direction that you are going to be tightening the screw. We'll take our commons and just wire nut them together. And then with our ground wire, what I'll do is I'll just wrap this around. They do have special wire nuts for this if you want to buy those but I'll just wrap it around and put some electrical tape on it. That way I make sure I have continuity through the ground. And then, we'll bend over the wire and place it over the ground, then tighten it down. After that is done, I'll take the electrical tape and wrap the entire switch with it. That way I know when I put this back in, it's not going to come in contact with my ground and have a short or arc out. Just push it down into the box and tighten it down with your drill and there you have it. That's how you can wire a ceiling fan with a wireless remote to a wall switch. Thanks for watching. Good luck with this project.


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