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Blocking felt hats can help them feel more sturdy and secure as you wear them throughout your day. Block felt hats with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Eric Watson at Watson's Hat Shop in historical Cave Creek, Arizona. Here at Watson's Hat Shop we make fine tailored custom hats to any style. Today I'm going to show you how we block a felt hat. This is how a felt hat starts. It's just felt, it's got a round sort of top on it and it's got kind of like a brim shape. It's uncut, very flimsy and has not had the rigidity set into it. This felt body here actually is pure beaver fur felt. So this is what pure beaver fur felt looks like before we even start the hat making process. The first part of the process is that we want to get the felt nice and wet and we want to steam it over the steamer, get this really hot and malleable and then we want to set it over top of this hat block. And then what we want to do is use a puller downer to pull down on the felt and then we'll just pull that down nice and tight over the type of the block and then we'll use a cord to tie it and then from there we use what's called a pusher downer on the cord. We will actually push this cord down onto the block and then we use also, it's called a foot tolliker and the foot tolliker will set the perfect break at the bottom of the hat block where the brim and the crown, of the bottom of the crown on the hat block meet. Okay now that we've got the block pretty much, you know, the felt body pretty much on the hat block we're going to use the pusher downer cord to get that nice break in there. And we've got that nice and flanged there. And you can see that this is going to be perfectly down on the block. And we put a perfect crease here with the tolliker. And we warm this up with the steam iron so this gets nice and hot here and then from there we have a perfect nice break in between the brim and the crown of the hat block. And that is the first step of pretty much hat making and that is how we first block a hat. And I'm Eric Watson, with Watson's Hat Shop. Come on down and we'll make you a fine custom hat that will last you a lifetime. Thank you.


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