How Do I Change The Size of a Tile on the Start Screen in Windows 8?

Changing the size of a tile on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 is a great way to really personalize your computer and make it your own. Change the size of a tile on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow's Tech channel, and let's figure out how to change the size of tiles on Windows 8's start screen. Now what am I talking about? Well you may have noticed in Windows 8 that apps can be bigger or smaller. Like for example the desktop is wide. Computer and SkyDrive are small. These are squares, those are rectangles. Do you have control over that? Can you make some big and some small? Actually you can. Now you can't do this for every single app out there. Some tiles come in one size and you can't change them. But a lot of them you can. For example lets take a look at Computer. The way that you change it is you simply right click on it so that you get the properties settings down in the bottom. And notice that when I right click on computer there's, lets see, this says unpin from start, this says manage, this says properties, this says map network drive, and this says disconnect network drive. Those are all the options associated with Computer. But there's nothing there about making the tile bigger or smaller. So I'm going to right click again to deselect it. Lets try SkyDrive. if I right click on it I see unpin from start, Uninstall it, look at that one, it says Larger, so I can click on it. Now watch, pay attention to the SkyDrive tile. When I click on it, SkyDrive just got bigger, it doubled in size. And I can move it around and I could bring, I don't know, this guy in here so it looks neater. Maybe I don't want SkyDrive to be that big so I can right click on it and now it says smaller. I go down here, click on it and it drops back to the size that it was earlier. Now I can do the exact same thing with touch. So I can tap it and pull it down and then I get the same options, and now I can make it larger. That's all there is to it. As I say, you can't do this to every single app. Some of them are designed to be bigger because they'll display live tile information, now like email will show you your latest emails, that sort of thing. And that doesn't work well on the smaller size. Some apps just don't have anything to tell you so there's no really good reason to make them big.

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