How Do I Rearrange App Tiles on the Start Screen in Windows 8?

Rearranging app tiles on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 is a great way to give your computer a cleaner, more organized appearance. Find out how to rearrange the app tiles on the "Start" screen in Windows 8 with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Dave Johnson. I'm editor of eHow's tech channel, and let me show you how to rearrange tiles, or apps, in Windows 8. Now, in Windows 7 you could, or older versions of Windows you had a start menu that you could rearrange and customize to your hearts content. You actually have more options in Windows 8. Let me show you what I mean. SO this is a fairly typical start screen in Windows 8 and I'm just going to use touch to swipe through it. And you can see I have a whole bunch of apps here. If I want to rearrange them into a particular sequence it's really easy to do with touch or with the mouse. For example lets say I wanted to swap the position of Internet Explorer and my Computer app. I just click on Internet Explorer and drag it down. And that's the magic point. You have to drag it down to activate the rearranging stuff. And then I just put it where I want it. I could also take Internet Explorer, drag it down and then move it over here. Or move it over here, wherever I want to put it. So that's really easy, to move stuff around. If I was using touch the exact same thing, I drag it down and then I put it where I want to put it. I could take my weather app and move it up above those guys. What if I wanted to take an entire group of apps or icons or tiles and move them around as a group? Well that's easy to do as well. I take my mouse, move it to the lower right corner and there's a tiny little icon down there. If I click on it it zooms out and shows me all of the times on my start screen. And now I can just say, take this group right here, which is Microsoft Office, and I can move it wherever I want it. I can take these games and I could move them to the front. When I'm done I just click on the screen and now my games are over here, and keep scrolling, Office is over there. It's that easy.

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