Where Do You Hook Guitar Straps?

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You can hook the straps on a guitar in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Find out where you hook guitar straps with help from an experienced audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's going on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm an audio engineer and musician of about 7 years now and today we're going to talk about putting on a strap to your guitar. So first you're going to actually have to hold your guitar up and you're going to find these knobs, these guitar strap knobs, if you will, they're usually located somewhere near the top sometimes they're, you know behind the neck, but just find it somewhere in this, in the region right here on your guitar. And then you're going to have one, another one on the bottom because you need to strap it in two different areas, so it can wrap around you. So once you find these then of course you're going to need your good guitar strap and I have just a basic simple black one because I like simple things. You're basically going to take one of these and strap it at each guitar knob. So let's hold this guy up and just place the, the whole through the guitar knob, like so and make sure that it goes all the way through and maybe give it a little tug just so you know that it's securely on. Definitely don't want it to slip out of your hands when you're on stage rocking out. And then you could just go ahead and grab the other end and place it on or over the other guitar knob, like so, like that and then make sure it's securely on. Now we can hold this up, whoops, you can hold it up and it's going to securely hold your guitar strap, like so. Now we can rock out. So if you do have any other questions please let us know and thank you guys for watching.


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