What Is a Humpback on a Guitar?

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The humpback plays a very important role in how a guitar actually sounds. Find out about a humpback on a guitar with help from an experienced audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's going on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm an audio engineer and musician of about 7 years now and today we're gonna talk about a humpback guitar. Now this is also known as round back guitar and the difference between that and a regular acoustic guitar is the round back on the backside of the guitar. Now if you look at a traditional acoustic guitar, there's no roundness to it, it's very flat on the bottom and it is actually made out of wood. Now on a round back guitar, it's gonna be round obviously but it's actually made out of different material, it's not made out of wood. It's made out of a, like a lightweight composite material and the reason for that is because it creates this different sound. For one it projects the sound better than a wooden acoustic guitar because of the material and the round shape of it so sustain of the guitar will last a little bit longer as well. So it is gonna give you a different tone verses a traditional acoustic wooden guitar and it is, it does sound a little bit more powerful so that's basically it for a round back or a humpback acoustic guitar. If you do have any other questions please let us know. Thanks for watching.


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