How to Make Karaoke Songs With Mac OS X

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You can make karaoke songs in Mac OS X right at home with the help of a very particular program. Make karaoke songs with Mac OS X with help from an experienced audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's going on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm an auto engineer and musician of about seven years now, and today I'm going to show you how to make your very own karaoke song using your Mac. So let's get to it. OK so let's go ahead and make a karaoke song. Now a karaoke song is basically an instrumental track with no vocals. So we can take a song and remove those vocals so we can have the instrumental parts and sing away our hearts. All right. Now this is very very similar to creating a minus track. So let's go ahead and do this. Now I do want to say something before hand. I'm going to be using a program called pro tools. This is pro tools right here. But you can basically use any other digital audio work station to create this karaoke song. All you have to do is follow the process, the main steps of it, yes and maybe a little different within a different program such as like logic or pro tools or something like that but as long as you do the similar steps, you'll be fine and you'll still get the same results. OK. All right so let's go ahead and do this. So first off within pro tools I'm going to create two mono tracks so let's create. I'm going to hit two for two mono and just in case you're using a different program and you have imported your well here's the first step that you want to do. You want to get your song in to the program, whatever program you're using and separate that stereo into two separate monos. So one mono track for the left side and one mono track for the right side. OK so that's the ultimate goal here is to split them up so we can have control over each channel separately OK. With pro tools it's kind of easy. I can make two monos from the very beginning and then dump the stereo track on them and that automatically separates it. OK. So this is our two tracks here. And now I'm going to grab one of my songs. One of my very own songs that I've created. It's called I Fell in Love With a Liar. OK I'm just going to click and drag and dump this in to pro tools and let that process for a second. Should only take a second. There we go. OK. All right so let's kind of zoom in here. And I'm going to let you listen to this but first I'm going to pan these left and right because it is a stereo track and I want you to hear the full stereo track before we do anything, OK. So let's take a listen. OK so you can hear all the singing and all that jazz, it's pretty cool, right? All right so let's go ahead and take out the vocals. Now to do this, the next step once you've created the separation and I can control. See look I can select the different left and right channels. Choose one of them, just one of them. Left or right, it really doesn't matter. I usually just select the left one which is the top one and you want to invert that. So whatever program that you're using, try to find a way to process this channel by inverting it. And inverting means flipping the wave form upside down. I'm not going to get all technical and tell you why that happened or why that takes out the vocals and all that, but just know that this is the process and the next step is to invert. And with pro tools all you have to do is cruise up to audiosuite, cruise down to other and then we're going to find invert. And that's going to pop open this little window guy right here. And then we're going to hit process. And boom, processed. It's already flipped the wave form over. Now all we have to do is to listen back to just double check that the vocals are taken out is you want to make sure that both left and right are now in the center. All right so just like so. And you want them panned at the center or else it's not going to work. So make sure if you're following along with me and you panned these left and right make sure that these are in the center. OK. So now let's take a listen. We can close this now. Now let's take a listen and see if the vocals are there. All right. Voila, just like that. And then of course you just export the song so whatever program you're using, whatever way it is to export it. I know within pro tools you can click file and go down to balance and balance your disc and that will export your song to wherever on your computer. But I just want to make one quick last note is it does sound maybe a little bit funky because what this does is it not only takes out the vocals it technically just takes out the center track. So whatever was originally panned to dead center in the track which are traditionally vocals, bass kick drum and snare drum, are taken away. So anything that lives that was panned dead center of the song, it will be taken away. It's just something to know, something to keep in mind. It'll sound a little weird. Sometimes you'll hear vocals like background vocals that were panned to the left or panned to the right or sometimes you'll even hear some of the main vocals but it's really just the reverb because reverb is usually made in stereo regardless if the lead vocals were panned to the center because the reverb is going to have that room sound with the stereo feel. So it'll sound a little bit ghostly. But anyway, that's just a couple things to keep in mind. But there you go. Now that your vocals are gone, you can sing your heart's desire away, and if you wish you can sing it away to my song. All right guys. Take care. So that's pretty much it in making your own karaoke song. So if you do have a Mac, now you know how to do it. If you do have any other questions, please let us know and thanks for watching.


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