How Can You Change the Tempo on "GarageBand" After You've Created a Track?

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You can change the tempo of a song in GarageBand in a number of interesting ways depending on your goals for the track. Find out how you can change the tempo in GarageBand with help from an experienced audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Whats going on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm an audio engineer of about 7 years now, and today I'm gonna show you how to change a song tempo in good old GarageBand so lets get to it. Alright guys so lets go ahead and change the tempo in GarageBand after creating a track. So as you can see I've got GarageBand fired up here and I even already created a track without you knowing but what I did was I basically pulled out a loop from the loop library inside of GarageBand and this is cinematic transition number 24 I believe. Lets see if I can move this, yes it is 24. Alright, so what tempo are we at right now, we are at 120, that is the default tempo, so lets take a listen at what it sounds like at the default tempo. Okay you get the point, now lets go ahead and change that tempo so how do we that, well you just simply cruise down over to the, to the bottom section here. Now in case you don't see this you might, you might, you might be on either tuner measures or time so you might, you know might look like something like that or the time so just make sure you're on project okay so that will give you the time signature, the tempo, and the key and all that good stuff but anyway click on the tempo, the number and it's gonna give you the slider where you can increase, obviously sliding up increases the number of beats per number or you can decrease it by sliding it down so lets try going up first, lets do something drastic like 120, yeah this is fast. Okay, lets rewind this, see what it sounds like.Okay, a lot faster right. Now lets do the opposite, click on the tempo, slide it down, we're at 120 originally right so lets go a lot lower like 60, well 70 that's gonna be a lot slow. Alright, lets rewind this. Okay, that's pretty slow right but still kind of cool at the same time. Anyway, but that is how you change the tempo inside of GarageBand after you've created a track. So that's pretty much it and not much to changing the tempo within GarageBand so if you do have any other questions please let us know. Thanks for watching.


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