How to Repair Mac Audio Metadata

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Mac audio metadata is information contained within the audio file itself. Repair Mac audio metadata with help from an experienced audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

What's goin' on, guys? My name is Joey Biagas, and I'm an audio engineer and musician of about seven years now, and today I'm gonna show you how to repair your Mac audio metadata so let's get to it. Alright, the Mac audio metadata is really just the file information that's contained in the audio file itself. So, often enough, that's information such as song name, artist name, album artwork and things of that nature. So, let's go ahead and repair that and one way to customize this is by using iTunes, good ol' iTunes. So, go ahead and fire that up and as you can see, I've got iTunes already open here, and we're gonna be working on this file that I have highlighted right here. And as you can see, there's no album artwork attached to this file, and we're gonna add that a little bit later on. But, first, let's go ahead and change these, this information, and by doing that, as first, obviously highlighting it and right clicking and let's go down to Get Info. Okay, and that's gonna pop up the summary window, and it's really just a basic information of what kind of file it is, like this is an .mp3, and bit rate, and sample rate, and all that jazz, but we're really just focused on the information here, so let's just cruise over to the info tab and this is where we're gonna be working. And, from here, you can basically fill out everything, but I'll tell you what the big, or the more important things are, which is obviously the name of the file. So, the name is going to be the name of the song, so let's go ahead and type one of my songs, "Fell in Love With a Liar," alright. And then we can cruise down to artist and my artist name is Setting Sunrise, okay, and then, we can even fill out the year, like the year it was released, which was this year, 2012. Not necessary, but I like to have the year, and then, you can put in album artist, if you want, like I said, not necessary, but another thing that is fairly necessary is the album name, and I like to definitely have that filled out. And my album name is called "Decisions." Okay, and then, another thing that it's really, or fairly, important, is the track name. Ugh, not the track name, but the track number. this allows computers, iTunes, to basically know when to play the song, or what order to play the song. So, since this is the first song of the album, I'm gonna put 01 or 04 'cause there's four songs. Okay, and everything else is really just up to you like the grouping, BPM, disc number, it's not necessary, composer, I like to just kinda skip all that and just move down to genre and just pick umm, Rock, is good enough for now. And, before I hit okay, you still need to add some artwork, so we can easily do that by cruising over to the artwork tab, right here, cruise down to add, and then just select the album artwork that you have saved on your computer, and I believe I saved mine on the desktop, yep, here it is. Let's just double check that, yep that's it, that's the album artwork and then just hit open, and hit okay. And, boom! As you can see, iTunes changed this file and now we have the album artwork right here. And, now let's just double check this information is correct and just right-click on the song file again, and go down to show in finder. And that's gonna show the actual file on our computer, and as you can see here, it has 01 right in front of the song title, and that kinda signifies that this is going to be the first song, so once we have all the songs filled out of the entire album, which is four, this is always going to be on top, 'cause it's the first song. And we have the extension here and all that jazz, so we can hit space and we can see it's nice. So, that's it, pretty easy, right? now you know how to repair your Mac audio metadata and if you do have any other questions, please let us know.


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