How to Equalize Piano Tracks

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Equalizing piano tracks is a bit different from equalizing other types of tracks. Find out how to equalize piano tracks with help from an experienced audio producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Aaron Wolpin with AWOL Audio Productions here at the track studio in Dallas, Texas, and I'm going to show you how to equalize some piano tracks here. This is a piano track I have without any EQ on it just yet. So for what I'm hearing now on this one, it's a bit muddy, some of the lower notes are kind of getting in the way of the high notes so we're going to kind of tame that and bring out some of the high and goodness here. Here's an EQ. And the first thing here. Do a low shelf. There's also kind of the tameness around 2000, 4000 hertz on this one so I'm going to turn some of that down. Boost up to fine where it's annoying. It's right there. So I'm going to cut that out. The boost frequencies to find out where the annoying spots are. Once I hear where it's just like really bugging me that's where I begin to cut it. Helps me kind of find it. Here we go. Put some of the high in there. I think that's good. Definitely better than what we had earlier. It's a little more balanced. Let's listen without the EQ here. And with EQ. So keep in mind, it all depends on how the piano sounds to begin with and how you want to fit in the song but these are some basic guidelines. I hope this helps. This is Aaron from AWOL Audio Productions. Thanks for watching.


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