How to Mix Lead Baritone Vocals

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Mixing lead baritone vocals doesn't necessarily require you to focus on additional sound processing. Mix lead baritone vocals with help from an experienced audio producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aaron Wolpin with Awol Audio here at The Track Studio here in Dallas, Texas, and I'm going to show you how to EQ a baritone vocal. Right here we have a baritone vocal without any processing. So it sounded good, it was recorded well, let's see if we can you know, tame some frequencies and kind of bring out the good stuff that I'm hearing here. The first thing I always like to do is do a high pass filter, also known as a low cut just to get rid of some of the frequencies that the vocal doesn't even really produce. So we do that. Let's boost around 145 or so. It gives that, that's like the fundamental of his voice right there and now I want to kind of bring up some of the highs, get some more of the consonants, you know, so we're doing a high shelf boost, before, after, kind of hear the air. And that's basically it. I'm hearing for this vocal. Let's start from the top again and let's listen without the EQ on, bypassed and here it is with the EQ. So I like to keep it subtle just to help it out a little bit and tame some of the annoying frequencies and boost some of the good stuff. I hope this helps. Then again keep it all in mind that it's all relative. It all depends on how it was recorded and how it's going to fit into the mix but I hope this gives you a good guideline. My name is Aaron Wolpin, thank you for watching.


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