How to Make a Split Track With a Vocal Remover

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Making a split track with a vocal remover doesn't require years of experience or an advanced degree. Find out how to make a split track with a vocal remover with help from an experienced audio producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Aaron Wolpin at The Track Studio in Dallas, Texas, and I'm going to show you how to make a split track with a vocal remover. Right here, I have a stereo mix and we're going to try to take the vocal out of this as best as we can. First thing is we're going to go to our track. We're going to right click or on a Mac, control click on there and we're going to split into mono. Now we have these new two tracks that are mono, just the left and the right. We're going to mute our original track, the music and so then right now we have basically the same thing, but what we're going to do is go to our mix window and we are going to create an EQ on just one of the tracks. This was one that a lot of people have, EQ, one band and all we're going to do is hit this button right here, that's the phase reverse button. It flips the phase on just that one channel, so we flip the phase on that one channel, let's listen to that here. So we still have, we still have a little there, a little vocal but it's a lot better so let's go back and forth and let me show you the difference. Vocals louder, vocal kind of goes away. There's another trick you can kind of do to bring some of the instrumentation back without bringing any of the vocal back and we can just move one of these one sample over. Let's go to samples and then you go down here and we're just going to nudge this just a smidgin to the right, just this one channel. Let's see how that sounds. So that's a little better as compared to what we originally had which was this. So I hope that helps. It's impossible to completely get rid of the vocal especially if there's some vocals on the sides. It's kind of like taking, you know, ingredients out of food after you've already made it. It's kind of difficult, so it's better in a mixing situation to mute the vocal before you, you know, mix it all into a stereo mix. I hope this helps, my name is Aaron Wolpin at the Track Studio. Thank you for watching.


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