How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath With a Glue Gun

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Making a pine cone wreath requires a little more than a glue gun and a few other tools. Make a pine cone wreath with a glue gun with help from an authority on entertaining in the home in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Coryanne Etttiene, and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a miniature pine cone wreath. Now, I love decorating with pine cones. Our first pine cones dropped around end of September, early October and Iy love bringing those natural elements from the outside in, it gives your house a holiday effect without too many overpowering Christmas decorations. To create a miniature wreath using pine cones, you can either collect your pine cones from outside or you can buy them from a craft store. Today, I'm using a small wire wreath. The benefit of using wire wreath is you have so much texture and also you can manipulate it with the moss. Taking a stream of moss, you want to start by holding it in place wit your finger and then using a piece of wire to wrap around the moss. This first bit of wire will act as your teether as you build the moss around the wreath. You're really only interested in covering the front of the wreath with your moss. No need to worry about the back. As you move around, manipulate the moss so that it covers the top of the wire wreath. And again, every now and then, using the wire to cover it in. I've precut my wire to make it easier for me to wrap it around. But, if you're veteran of using wire, by all means, no need to cut. I'm halfway through building my moss around the top of my wreath and don't worry if the wreath in its entirety is not covered by the moss. The pine cones will certainly fill that up and you can always use excess moss to cover those gaping holes. Using your scissors, cut the moss so that it fits all the way around. Now, you notice that my moss isn't perfectly covering the wire, and that's okay, because you're going to use your hands to form it into place and manipulate it a little bit until you have a beautifully covered wreath. Once you've covered your moss, you want to start by securing your pine cones with a hot glue gun all the way around. Now, here's one I've already started. This small wreath, with these small tine, tiny pine cones maybe took me about 45 minutes to glue and it's really simple. What you want to do is use a hot glue gun mat, like the one I've got here and some hot glue gun tools to make sure that you don't burn your hands or the surface you're working on. Take your hot glue gun and allow just a little drop of hot glue at the base of the pine cone and then hold it into place for just a moment while it cools. And then, repeat the steps until you have the desired thickness for your pine cones. Now, in this case, I wanted to cover my pine cone wreath with pine cones all the way around. To give it a little decorative natural flair, what I did was I went to the craft store and picked up one of these really nice accents. They've got wire on either end and a pine cone and a cute bird to boot. So, really, it's just about bending it in place with the wreath and putting it where you like. In this case, I put it on the side of the wreath so that when I hang it from the top, the bird is just to the top and the side. Now, if you're looking for a more metallic finish for your pine cone wreath and you want like a snowy effect, I would suggest using a little bit of acrylic paint and using a light paintbrush just painting the tips of your pine cones with a little bit of acrylic paint. Or for a real metallic finish, use a really great fun gold potty and use it to just garnish the top of your pine cones for a golden effect. This is Coryanne Ettiene wishing you a beautiful holiday season.


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