Children's Art Activities to Do in a Nursery

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Certain children's art activities are great to do in your very own nursery. Learn about children's art activities to do in a nursery help from an elementary art teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Okay, today I'm going to be doing a mono print for children ages kindergarten through possibly third grade, but mostly focus in the younger areas like kindergarten. And what you're going to need is paint, finger paint, different colors like fall colors would be good for this project, red and yellow because you can also take this opportunity to teach them how to actually mix color together. And what I'm going to be using today is a piece of, I'm not exactly what is this, it's like a cutting mat that you can get from the dollar store or where ever, 50 cents, it's easy or you can use different things, what ever you want to do. And what they're going to be doing is actually mixing right on the piece of plastic, so what you can do also if you want, to help them out, is you can also print out a paper with a design on it, if they want to just get started with that and you can actually slide it under the plexiglass or not, or just the piece of plastic, what ever you have, mat. And they can actually use that as a guide to, to actually fill in, so basically and obviously they're going to use their hands and just let them, you know dip in there and they can just start, they can do what ever they want on here, they can just experiment, slide it all around and have fun with it, it's sort of like a sensory activity too. Then add some red and they can begin to see that red and yellow make orange, for fall and then you could talk about fall colors or there's just so many things you could do, but anyway they could just, just have fun with it, they don't really have to make anything, a picture that you could recognize. So, I mean if you want them to do that you can and use something like that, but if not they can just have fun with the paint and just mix it, I'm sure some of them will try to, they want to make a pumpkin or so they'll try to make something with their fingers. So, anyway so you get the color mixing in here and you get the fun and after you get it all mixed like this, you basically you're going to wipe your finger off and then you take a piece of paper, that you have ready and it could be any color really, I'm going to use white and then you just put then paper on top of the mat and then you press, press, press, tell them to rub really good, all the way up to the corners, for about 10 seconds. And then you pull it off and then you have your print and it's sort of like magic to them. So, there you go, mono print.


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