How to Put on Ballet Pointes

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Putting on ballet points requires you to first choose a padding like a toe pad or lambswool. Find out how to put on ballet pointes with help from an experienced classical ballet instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Lori Lahnemann Director of the Philadelphia Dance Academy and the Philadelphia Youth Ballet. In this video Isabel will show you how to put on pointe shoes. First, if you choose to use padding, it can be a toe pad or lambswool. You'll put that on your toes either under your tights or over. Then you'll slide your foot through the elastic loop which has been sewn onto the back of the shoe, make sure the heel is pulled up fully and then you'll do a gentle pointe of the ankle. You don't want to pointe it all the way because then the shoes will be too tight so just a gentle pointe. Then cross the ribbons in the front of your ankle first then around the back of the ankle and then bring the ribbons around to the inside of your ankle. You'll tie a bow or a small knot there and then you want to make sure that that bow or knot is tucked in fully so it's not visible from the front. You may also want to put some hairspray on your ribbons there so that they don't pop out for performance or you can also just use a little thread and needle for shows so that it stays securely tucked in. What you don't want to do is tie the ribbon all the way up the leg, it's meant to be secure around the ankle for support and to pull the heel on so that as you're dancing it doesn't slide off. You also want the ribbon to blend in with your tights so you want to be discreet and you don't want to tie it in the front of the ankle you want to hide it on the inside. You don't want to tie it too tightly because then when you plie it's going to restrict the ankle and you don't want to make it too loose because then it won't be supportive when you're on pointe. I'm Lori Lahnemann from the Philadelphia Dance Academy and this is how you put on pointe shoes.


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