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The acronym "SOS" typically stands for "save our ship." Find out how to beat SOS Island on Poptropica with help from a video game expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello there. I'm Ron Ogden. Today, I'm going to show you how to beat SOS Island Poptropica. Come with me as we try to save all the survivors. Wait, you can't save survivors, they're already surviving. Enter the island. Thanks Irish Ron. Enter SOS Island. Oh no, the ship has struck an iceberg and it's sinking. We have to rescue all the passengers on board to win the SOS Island medal. Come on, before it's too late. Jump into the water and move to the left until you can jump on to the boat. Make your way to the top and push the ice block to the right. Now you can enter the boat. Go inside. Jump up the stairs and enter the bridge. Move to the top right and speak to the Captain. The Captain tells you he's going down with the ship. But he'll leave if you can get all the others on board off first. Before you leave the bridge flip the emergency switch to unlock all the doors. Exit the bridge. Go down the stairs and move to the left until you come to door 6. Talk to the weird kid and you let him free. Congratulations you saved your first passenger. The kid with the hat will give you a Whale call. What will you use this for. Oh no the ship takes on water. Back to the ship. Enter the ship and you'll notice some water has gotten inside. Move to the left until you come to the ballroom. The lady can't swim so we have to help her out. Go down into the water, grab the bottle near the juice bar. It's floating on the top. Now move to the right until you find a cracked window. Jump on the chair and use the champagne bottle to crack the window. When you click on the bottle it'll give you a power meter. Make sure your power is as strong as you can and aim that quick. Move to the left, climb on the chair again and crack this window. Once this window's cracked, float her to the left to safety. Congratulations, you saved number 2. Oh no, things have gotten worse. Now we're on the Titanic movie. The key here is to get to the top of the ship. Watch the video and follow my lead. Enter the ship then fall all the way down. When you get to the water pull the crank, this will raise the water and allow you to enter where you need to go. Now swim to the top and climb to the top until you get to this steam system. Now each steam system is different. So you can't necessarily follow my lead here. The goal is to get the blue liquid to the red bag. Click on each of the arrows to switch which direction the blue liquid will go. When you're done the ceiling falls down and now you can continue upward. Now we're in the engine room. Climb to the top right and notice that the engine room girl is trapped. This girl is trapped by the steam. In order to free her we have to release the steam pressure. She'll turn the first valve. Follow the green piping until you come to the next valve. Turn the valve before the liquid get there and you've succeeded. Do this for all the other colors and you release the girl. Follow my lead for the other locations of the valves. When you're under water you'll notice there's an option bar at the bottom. Be careful you need to find bubbles of air or pipes leaking air in order to breath under water. These should be plentiful, just keep an eye out. Once you're done with the valves, talk to the girl, congratulations, passenger free. Of course something horrible happened, it always does on SOS Island. Oh the ship has sunk a little bit more. Well that'll make our climbing easier. We better hurry. Follow my lead and enter the top. Now this section follow my lead. Move the trash as I do and you should be fine. Finally move the propeller over and go downward. Swim down, move to the right and enter the white door. Swim upward and jump until you find the exit. Jump into the freezer. Now we have to save the cook before his body temperature meets the blue line. Bust some of the boxes and move the chef out the door. Now we have to get him out of this block of ice. First jump down and move this box to the left. Go back to the top and move the chef down to the box. Jump down, move this box to the left as well. Drop down again and move the lettuce box to the left. Jump up and move this final box to the left. Now all the boxes are in place for us to get the chef to the heating element. Simply climb up to the chef and move him to the heating element. Congrats passenger number 4. Oh no, it's completely under water. In this area follow my lead. All you need to do is keep your oxygen levels high and avoid the obstacles. Ooh, barracuda. In the jelly fish room you have to be very precise. If you're not you'll hit the vents and have to start over. In the final room will be a bunch of shell fish and some pots and pans, covered in knives and forks. Be careful, they hurt. There sure is some smart shell fish. The final room's really easy. Swim down after you enter and move to the left to get to the Captain's cabin. The Captain has given up all hope. I think that's Moby Dick. But that's okay, it's Poptropica, we'll save the day. Use your whale song. Fact of the day: Sperm whales and giant squid are mortal enemies. Congratulations you saved all the passengers and the captain. You deserve a medal. Wear it proudly. Oh look at that, you did it. You saved everyone. Congratulations. I'm Ron Ogden. Top of the morning to you.


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